What You Need To Know Before Coming To Spikefest 2020!

What You Need To Know Before Coming To Spikefest 2020!

(please check often this may be updated)

Thank you for playing in Spikefest 2020, we are excited to host your team! Below you will find IMPORTANT information on the event this Saturday and Sunday.



Celebration Park in Allen
701 Angel Parkway
Allen, TX 75002


There are 2 large parking lots for the event on the west and east side of the Park (see map of park below)

• NO Parking on grass, the park is pretty adamant about this, and rightfully so, it is a beautiful park!

• Please Do Not Park in roped off areas.

If you park in any of these areas, the city will tow your vehicle without notice.



The venue is located north of Dallas in Allen, Texas, east of U.S. 75. Exit Main Street in Allen and travel east 2.5 miles. Turn left onto Angel Parkway. Go half a mile and Celebration Park will be on the left. (east parking lot closest to playing site) If the main parking lot fills up, additional parking is located on the west side of the park off CLEAR SPRINGS Dr. on N. Malone Rd and Rivercrest Blvd (the side streets by the apartments).

Arrival at the Park on Saturday & Sunday:

All persons must wear a mask, only toddlers 0-5 years old are exempt from the mask policy. Masks must remain on unless playing or sitting with immediate family only. If a person arrives without a mask, they may purchase one from us. We will have them readily available.

We will be doing health screenings on every player and spectator up arrival on both days.

Stay on the SIDEWALK and follow the signs to the Temperature check station. After that, we will place a wrist band on every person that clears the screening. Any person with a temperature will have to leave the park.

If you have any symptoms, Fever, Cough, Aching muscles (other than sport soreness), please do not come. We will allow roster changes up until the tournament begins.

The Bracelet must remain on all day, and a new, different colored bracelet will be issued on Sunday after clearing the screening process once again.


Saturday & Sunday 8am – 8:30am

ONE representative from each team will pick up the schedule and tshirts for their team on Saturday

ONE rep from each team will check in 8:00am – 8:30am on Sunday to pick up the team schedule for Play-offs

Teams may make roster changes up until Saturday morning at 8:30. E-mail them by Wednesday. After Weds, please bring the form with you to check in. You will be allowed to do so on-site during check-in. It is the team captain’s responsibility to be sure all team members playing have signed a wavier and turned it in to event staff. Any roster that is challenged, by staff or a team, you must be able to prove that your team is playing with team members who are ALL registered with waivers on file, it will result in forfeiting all games played with any non-registered and signed waiver players. Also, late additions may not receive a t-shirt. We ordered extras, but it cannot be guaranteed.


All teams must check in by 8:30AM both days, If you do not check in by 8:30, your team will be removed from the tournament. Pool play will begin at 9:00 am. All teams must be ready to play by 9AM since pool assignments can change with team drop/adds.

PLEASE DO not be late for your game or you will FORFEIT after 10 minutes.

Sunday – All teams will enter bracket play on Sunday. Bracket play will be double-elimination, play will begin at 9am. Sunday brackets will be posted Saturday at the Championship table and also online.


A print out of the confirmation you were sent when you registered …if there is a question of your registration this is your only proof! Towels, coolers, drinks, food, tents/shade 10’x10′ or smaller, chairs, volleyballs.


Please leave all pets at home. Absolutely NO PETS, NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, NO DRONES, NO SEGWAYS, NO HOVERBOARDS, Tents larger than 10’x10′ are not allowed, also corporate logo or advertising on tents is not allowed. Violators of any of the above will be asked to remove any such items from the premises. Refusal will result in ejection form the event and a visit from the Allen Police.


Do not park on grass anywhere at the park. Do Not Park in designated roped off areas. If you park in any of these areas, the city will tow your vehicle without notice. This area is for Permitted Event staff, Sponsors and City and Emergency vehicles ONLY. Do not place your tents within the court area. ALL tents must go on the perimeter of the playing area with at least 40 feet from the nearest court and 100 feet for any sponsor tent or vehicle. If a staff member asks you to move your tent, please do so without hesitation. Allen city officials and police have told us they will be watching for tent obstructions that they deem unsafe. We are committed to keeping Spikefest safe and efficient for the services provided to all players. Please use common sense of safety and consideration for other players and sponsors when placing your tent.

Skills Contests!!!

We will be making announcements throughout the day to invite everyone to enter each contest! Be sure to listen to the DJ! Great Prizes!!!


Please know the rules for your division. View the tournament rules by clicking on the link below… https://spikefest.com/spikefest-rules/

While on site check out:

Spikefest Official Gear – Check out the Spikefest gear, t-shirts caps, and visors for sale near the Championship Tent …This is some sweet looking merchandise!!

GAME DAY GEAR Pro Shop – All Original designs by our volleyball family! T-shirts, Shorts, Tanks, Long-sleeve, Crop-tops, Wine Mugs, Check us out!!!

Stimy’s Seasonings – Snack Crack, Spices, Salsa – home grown, local business

Spikefest Concessions – Tacos in the morning, hotdogs, sausage wraps, quesadillas, hamburgers in the afternoon! Hot, fresh, safely cooked food, ice cold drinks, plenty of snacks

Want to buy one of our portable net systems? We will be selling a limited # of used CENTERLINE net systems on site. These are the same net systems we used at Spikefest. These systems retail for $300, you can buy one of our used systems for $75 (You pick the system). You can purchase one at the official Gear tent.


Thank you all again and we’ll see ya in the grass Saturday morning!!!

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