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The Largest 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 grass Volleyball Tournament in the World



RULES OF THE GAME – Please read completely

Spikefest 2021 Dallas Event
July 17-18(Rain/Alternate date July 24 & 25)
Celebration Park
Allen, Texas
(click here for map and directions)

Who Can Play

There is no age minimum or maximum, we have a division for everyone!

Entry Fees

Early Registration: Through June 30, 2021

  • 3 on 3 Team Registration at $190 per team
  • 5 on 5 Team Registration at $280 per team


Late Registration: July 1, 2021 – July 13, 2021

  • 3 on 3 Team Registration at $210 per team
  • 5 on 5 Team Registration at $310 per team



Mens, Womens, Co-ed: 3 on 3 and 5 on 5

  • AA (Elite) – 3’s
  • A (Advanced) – 3’s
  • BB (Intermediate) – 3’s and 5’s
  • B (Recreational) – 3’s and 5’s

MASTERS DIVISIONS: Mens 35+ and 45+, Womens 35+ and 45+ – 3’s

JUNIORS DIVISIONS: Boys and Girls 12’s, 14’s, 16’s, 18’s – 3’s



Check-in will be July 16, 8am, through July 17, 8:30am. Check-in will be completed online.

Check-in link will be available on July 16.

Choosing the Appropriate Division/What level should I enter?

The player with the highest skill level determines a team’s level of play. A team member ranked as an “A” player who has “BB” ranked players on his team would register the team as an “A” team. No changes to level of play or division will be allowed on site. Sandbaggers go against the principles of Spikefest and offending players will be ejected from the tournament. Sandbagging is defined as a player who enters into a division below his or her ability.

Complaints regarding sandbaggers should be reported at the Championship desk to the Tournament Director.

Below are the guidelines for the appropriate level to enter your team and avoid sandbagging. If your team breaks these guidelines and you are playing in a level that is truly below your ability… you are a SANDBAGGER (AKA the lowest form of creature on the Volleyball planet, a person who is a 6th grader and beats up a kindergartener and feels good about it).

Level B (recreational)

  • Plays for fun
  • Enters tournaments sometimes
  • Does not have “big” hitters


Level BB (Intermediate)

  • Can pass, set, hit consistently
  • Plays in leagues and/or tournaments
  • Competes well but not a crusher consistently
  • Not a tall player but has good skills


Level A (Advanced)

  • Competitively pass, set, hit consistently
  • Has great skills
  • Plays often in leagues/tournaments
  • Hitters have power and physically big
  • Competitive jump serve


Level AA (Elite)

  • Highest level of competition
  • This level is for the Elite player
  • This level is for the crushers!
  • Volley God!


Download Complete Spikefest Rules in PDF format.


The Spirit of Spikefest

The event is designed to offer a weekend of volleyball fun for players of all ages and abilities. Poor conduct, such as repeated arguing about calls, will result in ejection from the tournament. We are committed to ensuring the actions of a small few will not tarnish the experience for the greater majority.

Banned Players/Teams

Spikefest reserves the right to ban any team or player from registering in our tournaments. Any team or a team with a banned player will be notified and must make the appropriate substitutions as per policy. If the entire team is banned, entry fee will be returned.

Signage and/or Distribution of Material

Spikefest does not allow signage or distribution of information of any kind on site for businesses who are not official sponsors/partners of Spikefest. Any violations of this policy may result in removal of the violators from the property and legal action may be taken. Also, any Violators may be banned from future tournaments.




Download Complete Spikefest Rules in PDF format.


Interested in Being A Spikefest Event Licensee In Your Town?

Now taking applications for Spikefest event licensees for the Austin/San Antonio, Houston, and other major markets in the southwest

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