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    You must be logged in to the forums to start a new thread or post a reply in an existing thread. To log in, enter your user name and password at the top right of any forum page.

    You can’t post from the main forum page. You must be in one of our two forums to start a thread and in a particular thread to post a reply.

    How do I start a new thread to find a player or a team?

    To start a new thread:

      Browse or search the forums to see if there is already a thread on the topic. If so, post there instead of creating a new thread.
      Start at the main forum page.
      Click the name of one of the forums, e.g., Find A Player or Find A Team.
      Click the Post New Thread button at the top or bottom of the page.
      Type a thread title in the Thread Title box and your post in the message box.
      Click the Submit button.
      You can edit your post for up to 15 minutes after posting.

    To post a reply in a forum thread:

      While viewing the thread, type your post in the “Reply To:” message box below the post you are replying to.
      Check the box for “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” to receive instant updates when someone replies to your post.
      Check the box for “Set as private reply” to turn reply visibility OFF so only the authro of the original post and the forum moderators can see it. This is good for sending contact information such as email or phone numbers in private. Never send anyone information which could compromise your online security, such as social security number, birth date, credit card information, passwords, etc. We will never ask you for this information here.
      To post your reply, click the Submit button.
      You can edit your reply for up to 15 minutes after posting.

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