Region Staff Position – Program Manager

Job Description

The Manager must have a solid understanding of Adult, Beach and Junior programming, while working within the realm of North Texas Region and the guidelines of USA Volleyball for regional and national programs and compliance. This position will report directly to the Executive Director.

Responsibilities(include but are not limited to)

  • Initial point of contact for all Adult, Beach and Boy programming
  • Working with all events with strong skills for Adult, Beach and Juniors
  • Coordinate with Staff in problem solving in regard to Adult, Beach and Junior issues
  • Assist with activities associated with Coaching Education (tracking, distribution of materials)
  • Share resources of NTR services, programs and best practices to help grow the sport
  • Attend all Regional Board meetings (Region, Junior and Official) when required
  • Assist with NTR facility management
  • Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and willingness to learn additional programs as needed
  • Strong communication skills, organizational skills and work ethic with attention to detail
  • Other assign administrative region duties


  • Work with Adult liaison to strengthen the Adult platform.
  • Attend, create and manage all aspect of Adult events such as registration, sites, schedule and formats etc.
  • Year over year growth is expected


  • Work with Beach liaison to strengthen the Beach platform
  • Attend, create and manage all aspect of USAV Beach events such as registration, sites, schedule and formats etc.
  • Year over year growth is expected
  • Work with beach promoters to run successful events such as BRQ
  • Tournament Director for BNQ


  • Work with Jr Coordinator to strengthen and grow the division
  • Primarily help with boy’s growth and programming with leagues and events
  • Roster verification process
  • Provide support for HP programs outside of NTR oversight and manage those within NTR scope
  • Management of NTR Championships
  • Event evaluations


Monday through Friday – 10:00am to 4:00pm. Salary is based on experience. No additional benefits are available.

Some weekends during tournament season will be required with hours being adjusted from weekly workday/hours.

NTR will be accepting Resumes (with references) and salary requirements. Expected Hire Date of 10/15/19

Email above to: Steve Carrera – NTR Executive Director

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