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Conference Announces 2017 Volleyball Schedule

December 20, 2016

The conference has announced the 2017 Big 12 volleyball schedule, which will begin on Wednesday, September 20.

The 20-week schedule will run through Saturday, November 25th with matches on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There will be one Thursday match where West Virginia will play at TCU on October 25th.

Teams will compete in a double-round robin schedule, where nine Big 12 volleyball squads will face each conference opponent twice during the regular season. The Big 12 is currently the only “Power Five” conference in which each team faces its league opponents twice during the year—once at home and once on the road.

 2017 BIG 12 VOLLEYBALL CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (Dates are subject to change)

 September 20  Saturday, October 14   Saturday, November 11
 Texas Tech at Baylor  Baylor at K-State   Baylor at Kansas
 K-State at Oklahoma  Iowa State at Texas   Texas at Iowa State
 TCU at West Virginia  Oklahoma at West Virginia   TCU at K-State
   TCU at Texas Tech   Texas Tech at West Virginia
 Saturday, September 23    
 Baylor at TCU  Wednesday, October 18   Wednesday, November 15
 Oklahoma at Iowa State  Kansas at Baylor   K-State at Baylor
 Kansas at K-State  West Virginia at Iowa State   Iowa State at Oklahoma
 Texas at West Virginia  Oklahoma at TCU   Kansas at Texas
   Texas at Texas Tech   Texas Tech at TCU
 Wednesday, September 27    
 Baylor at Oklahoma  Saturday, October 21  Saturday, November 22
 Iowa State at Kansas  TCU at Iowa State  West Virginia at K-State
 Texas Tech at West Virginia  Texas Tech at Kansas  Oklahoma at Texas 
 K-State at Texas  K-State at West Virginia  
   Texas at Oklahoma  Saturday, November 25 
 Saturday, September 30    Texas at Baylor 
 Oklahoma at Baylor  Wednesday, October 25  Texas Tech at Iowa State 
 Iowa State at Texas Tech  Baylor at Texas Tech  West Virginia at Kansas
 Kansas at TCU  Iowa State at K-State  TCU at Oklahoma 
 K-State at Texas  Oklahoma at Kansas  
 Wednesday, October 4  Thursday, October 26  
 Baylor at Iowa State  West Virginia at TCU  
 Kansas at West Virginia    
 K-State at TCU  Saturday, November 4
 Texas Tech at Oklahoma  Iowa State at Baylor  
   Kansas at TCU
 Saturday, October 7  West Virginia at Oklahoma  
 West Virginia at Baylor    
 Kansas at Oklahoma  Wednesday, November 8  
 Texas Tech at K-State  Iowa State at West Virginia  
 Texas at TCU  K-State at Kansas  
   Oklahoma at Texas Tech  
 Wednesday, October 11  TCU at Texas  
 Texas at Kansas    
 K-State at Iowa State    

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